Crypto Weekly Roundup Newsletter 003

Twitter Rolls out Bitcoin Tipping, Snoop Dogg is a NFT Collector, China bans crypto again and more.

Hello. Welcome to this week’s edition of Crypto Weekly Roundup Newsletter. We’ll be talking about Twitter’s bitcoin tipping feature, China banning crypto, Snoop Dogg in the metaverse and more.

Twitter rolls out bitcoin tipping function using the Lightning network. This integration means Twitter has already done something other tech giants could not: Build a borderless payment system right into its app. Now 300 million users can send or receive Bitcoin by sharing their wallet address. This means an artist from India can perform on Twitter spaces and receive tips from Australia and Ghana. This is a killer feature and we might see Youtube, Instagram, Etc to follow suit.

Twitter is also promised the ability to track & showcase NFTs on your account by linking directly to your wallet: From the article…

Twitter says it’s planning to “soon” explore support for NFT authentication. This would allow NFT creators to connect their crypto wallets to Twitter, in order to track and showcase their NFTs on the platform.

With this year’s most recent NFT mania Twitter is just giving users what they want. Users want the ability to flex their NFTs. This is the beginning of a Web3 space race and Twitter has fired the first shot.

China banned crypto, Again. China apparently does this every year around this time. As @gonzoCatalyst has put it.

Snoop Dogg Reveals Himself as Ethereum NFT Whale With $17M Collection: The rapper says that he is Cozomo de’ Medici, a pseudonymous crypto Twitter personality with a highly valuable(over $17million) NFT collection. He is also hosting a metaverse party on The Sandbox, with only 1000 passes.

Mainstream Adoption:

Investments into Crypto:

  • Fantasy soccer NFT platform startup Sorare has announced that it has raised $680 million Series B round, led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund, which values the company at $4.3 billion.

  • NFT startup Dapper Labs raises $250 million

  • BitClout creator launches 'Decentralized Social' blockchain with $200 million in funding from a16z and others. The creator is Nader Al-Naji and he revealed his identity today. He has also founded the now shut down stablecoin startup Basis.

  • The DFINITY Foundation Announces Internet Computer And Bitcoin Integration - Smart Contracts Come To Bitcoin

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